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Materials and care advice


Sustainability and quality are our watchwords, which is why we choose materials and surface treatments that meet our high standards. We believe that the life span and durability of our products, both aesthetically and practically, have a crucial impact on the product’s overall environmental footprint. To maximise the product’s life span, regular care and maintenance is necessary.

Care advice

Stainless steel

Our stainless steel furniture is coated in several steps to provide the best rust protection. The furniture is made to withstand being kept outside all year round and generally requires very little maintenance.



Wood is a living material and therefore affected by the environment. The limited edition of ROOTS collection’s stool seats are manufactured from waste material in FSC-certified* oak. As the wood’s grain and colour vary, each product is unique. The wooden boards are oiled in two steps; first with a layer of outdoor oil to protect against fungus and mould, and then with a layer of water repellent hardwax oil with a faint white finish.



The cushions in the BARR collection are made from recycled and Oeko-Tex® labelled fabrics. The fabrics are hard wearing and durable for outdoor use. Further, they are water repellent and among the best on the market in terms of colour resistance.

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