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Steel is an alloy where iron is the main component. It is a fully recyclable material that can be produced in a variety of qualities – from the cheapest iron steel to the most exclusive acid-resistant stainless steel.  Our furniture is manufactured in Swedish stainless steel EN 1.4301 och EN 1.4401. 

Bending and welding stainless steel is a craft that requires experience and professional skill. In our factory, the steel is moulded to the desired shape in a bending machine. Where the first bit ends the next begins – which means full use of material without any waste. Once all the parts have been formed, they are welded together to form a unique product.

Our stainless steel furniture is coated in several steps to provide the best rust protection. Before powder coating, our furniture undergoes a pickling process to restore the rust protection at the welding points. Our most exclusive furniture is made from marine grade stainless steel that is electropolished to a hard and glossy surface. This steel is acid resistant and is normally used in exposed environments such as for boat parts and in pools.

Caring for furniture in stainless steel

Our stainless steel furniture is made to withstand being kept outside all year round and generally requires very little maintenance. Rinse your furniture at regular intervals to avoid fouling and discoloration to the paint caused by, for example, pollen, salt or contamination. For normal cleaning, we recommend using a washing-up brush and warm water. Never use metal wool or metal sponges since they can transfer metal pieces to the product, causing surface rust or scratches. If there are scratches in the paint, air pollution and dirt particles can cause surface rust. The sun’s rays make the varnish appear duller over time.

Surface treatments

Our products are surface treated in the immediate area to reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary transport. We use three main methods to surface stainless steel.

When stainless steel is exposed to high temperatures at welding points, the material loses its anti-corrosion properties. Pickling restores rust protection at the welding points. We pickle all of our stainless steel products before powder coating them.  

Powder coating

To give our pickled and stainless products further protection they are powder coated in UV and weatherproof colours. We use a matt, lightweight powder coating that is often used on sheet metal façades and agricultural machines.

Our basic colours are: 

Black:            RAL9005            Freilack PB1011A
White:           RAL9003            Axalta AE300C9900320

Grey:            RAL7045            Axalta AE030577104520

One of the ways to increase the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is to electropolish the surface. The surface then becomes glossy and resilient. The shiny and even surface that is formed bears many advantages. It is therefore no coincidence that electropolishing is widely used for particularly critical equipment in, for example, the pharmaceutical and food industries. The shiny surface makes it difficult for impurities to become attached, meaning it can withstand harsh environments. However, electropolished surfaces used outdoors require regular rainwater/fresh water, otherwise high chloride/salt levels may get stuck to the surface and cause surface rust or discoloration.  

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