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Made in SWEDEN

Fabriant was born out of a deep desire to do good and take responsibility. We are used to being economical with our resources. For us thriftiness means quality and sustainability every step of the way. Things that last for generations are our idea of a fair deal. That’s why we’ve chosen the materials and finishes that match our exacting standards with care. We’re located in the middle of Sweden’s furniture district, which means we have some of the most experienced suppliers just around the corner. 

Our furniture is manufactured in Swedish stainless steel. Bending and welding stainless steel is a craft that requires experience and professional skill. In our factory, the steel is moulded to the desired shape in a bending machine. Where the first bit ends the next begins – which means full use of material without any waste. Once all the parts have been formed, they are welded together to form a unique product.

Our stainless steel furniture is coated in several steps to provide the best rust protection. Before powder coating, our furniture undergoes a pickling process to restore the rust protection at the welding points. The powder coating we use is UV and weatherproof, and is normally used on sheet metal façades and agricultural machines.

Our warranty

Lifetime anti-rust warranty
Design furniture from Fabrikant does not rust. All steel parts, screws and fastening materials are delivered in stainless or acid-resistant steel. During normal use and without extreme use, we therefore offers a lifetime guarantee against destructive rust. Note that minor pigment spots and discolorations are not abnormal after many years of use in weather, wind and pollution.

Extended warranty for paint
Fabrikant provides a 15-year adhesion warranty onpowder-coated surfaces that have not been subjected to mechanical damage, impact, corrosive chemicals, etc.

Spare parts always available
As time goes by, vandalism is bound to occur or there will be a requirement for extended maintenance. Fabrikant can supply all spare parts throughout the life span of a product.

Safe and fair
Fabrikant produce exclusively in Sweden. Our production are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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