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Sustainable textiles

Textiles provide an opportunity to work towards sustainability on many levels. Today, the largest proportion of the world’s textile production is found in low-wage countries where, unfortunately, textile workers do not always have the best working conditions. We have chosen to buck the trend – all our cushions are made in Sweden from carefully selected materials, just like all the other parts.

The cushions in the BARR collection are made from recycled and Oeko-Tex® labelled fabrics. The fabrics are hard wearing and durable for outdoor use. Further, they are water repellent and among the best on the market in terms of colour resistance. Cushion covers can be removed and washed at 30 degrees celsius.

Recycled merino wool
The ROOTS seat cushion is made from waste material from Woolpower’s Swedish textile production of mulesing-free merino wool. Thanks to the wool’s insulating properties, the material is always kept warm and will continue to insulate even if it gets wet. The colour of the products varies slightly depending on the waste material of the day, we call the colour recycled grey.

*The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent global testing and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing. The certification means that the textile used in the product is free of unhealthy chemicals.

 * Mulesing is an intervention performed on merino sheep to prevent fly strike. The wool we use is 100 per cent mulesing-free merino wool.

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